Ultra Modern Build & Renovation Designs ideas in Braintree


We will listen to your every need, then create a range of design options that will exceed your expectations

Apex Edge Designs - Modern Renovation, Construction, & Building Designs Braintree.

It is about timeless beauty and clean, sharp lines……

Any space can be made amazing; it is just a case of maximising that feeling of space by using a clever combination of architecture, modern concepts, materials and textures.

Intelligent use of space and light

Gone are the days of a simple pendant light, centred in a room……

Our designers will work with you to create that dual feeling of bright space and light during the day, cosy and warm at night. When considering lighting, we will work with you to fully understand the exact feeling you require for each room.

Hi-Tech, modern designs & technologies used

Building technology is always evolving to make builds faster, cheaper, more eco friendly, warmer and more aesthetically pleasing……

We are always analysing the latest technologies to ensure that your design will get the best materials, designs and result possible within your budget.

Fast and friendly service

We understand that once waiting is one of the worst things in life, so we ensure that you don’t have to……

Our highest priority is listening to you to make certain that we absorb your dreams and design exactly what you want. Our second is to save you any stress by giving you some design ideas as we talk to you, then providing more cohesive designs within days. The communication is key to adjust those designs to your exact requirements.

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